A drug overdose may be accidental or intentional, but no matter the cause, they can be scary. Serious medical complications can occur from a drug overdose, and death is a possibility. When confronted with a loved one who has experienced an overdose – in the critical moment of it happening – fear and anxiety can take over. A recent story has taught us an important lesson: even cleaning up after a drug overdose can be detrimental, even deadly, if we aren’t careful.

Most conversations surrounding overdoses involve discussion of how to recognize an overdose has occurred. The National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence notes that there are two main types of overdoses, each with different symptoms. Depressant overdoses include shallow breathing or no breathing at all, snoring or gurgling sounds, blue lips or fingertips, “floppy” arms or legs, disorientation, and more. Stimulant overdoses may involve chest pain, severe headaches, seizures, difficulty breathing, agitation and paranoia, and more. While most people are somewhat familiar with symptoms of overdose, one aspect not often discussed is the harm it can potentially cause to others who are not under the influence.

Fox News reported that last month, Ronald Plummer overdosed, and his mother found him unresponsive in the bathroom. Ronald was rushed to the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Pennsylvania. His mother, Theresa Plummer, was cleaning up the drug paraphernalia and became short of breath shortly after cleaning up. Theresa, aged 69, died a day before her son did. News reports state that the coroner believes that while Theresa was cleaning up the drugs, her skin most likely absorbed, or she had a severe reaction to the drugs she was cleaning up.

This devastating news has shown that even those who have not taken the drugs can be in danger; allowing medical services to remove the substances from the home and engage in clean-up is the safest option if this happens to someone you love.

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