Meditation is a very effective way to calm the mind and relax the body. Meditation is defined as “turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment”, according to Psychology Today. Meditation is often seen as a method to learn how to accept things that we cannot control. In practicing this, we gain deeper understanding of life and can learn to work through our fears, anxieties, sorrows, and forms of hate that we feel and/or display due to our lack of control over the situation. There are several diverse types of meditation that can be used to instill insight:

  • Mindfulness meditation – This technique involves paying attention to the breath and slowly but gently guiding the mind back to the breath when distracting thoughts occur.
  • Spiritual meditation – Often involving essential oils such as frankincense, myrrh, sage or cedar, this form of meditation is like prayer. With this, you reflect on the silence around you and strive to form a connection with a higher power or the universe.
  • Focused meditation – This could involve focus on one’s breath, a flame, a deity, a color, sound, or smell, or anything else. The goal is to gently train the mind to focus on one thing.
  • Movement meditation – Walking or eating slowly, gardening, or qi gong are just a few effective ways to practice movement meditation. Allow the movement to guide you and focus on each small movement you make.
  • Mantra meditation – The Sklon Temple of Meditation in Chicago notes that this form of meditation is used by the repetition of a mantra in prayer, meditation or incantation and focusing the mind on the sound vibrations heard.
  • Transcendental meditation – The most popular form of meditation, transcendental meditation involves focusing on a specific mantra – it is somewhat like mantra meditation, but requires a little more structure.

The Buddhist Centre emphasizes that practicing meditation often can lead you to understanding your thoughts of pattern and habits of your mind while cultivating more positive ways of living. Many meditation practices you can do at home, but you may wish to see out a leader if you prefer more structure and guidance.






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