Do I have what it takes?

How do I know that I’m going to be okay?

Amid a whirlwind of emotions, situations, obligations, and more, anxiety can easily creep in and worries can take over. We can’t tell the future – so how can we adequately prepare? There is no way of knowing just how we will survive the storm that is known as life – but we can feel some sense of security in knowing that we are not alone in this endeavor.

Trust is a vulnerable, open-ended feeling. It requires that we be okay with the unknown – something that many of us struggle with. Nobody truly wants to be blindsided by an obstacle; we all want to be as best prepared as possible to better our chances for survival. So how exactly does one fully and openly trust in the process?

Trusting in the process means two things. First, trusting the process means letting go of our innate desire to know how or why something is occurring. Second, trusting the process is letting go of our definition of what a “successful” process or “failed” process must look like. A process, in and of itself, is just a process. In the generic sense, there are no set boundaries, no “specific way” to go about the process, and no identifiable factors that neither impede nor expedite it. Each step taken is a learning experience, so there are no “right” or wrong”. To let go of our expectations for what “the process” – whether that be life, recovery, etc. should look like, is to open room for exploration, trial and error, mistakes and achievements, optimal learning, tremendous growth, life-changing transformation, discovered life purpose and so much more. A process doesn’t have to have a set period, either. Some processes, such as life and recovery, last our entire lives, and that’s perfectly fine.

Having goals is an important component of any process – it’s what keeps us motivated and excited to leap from one goal to another. We can have goals, while not constricting our space to move and creatively achieve those goals. If we can let go of that need to know, of those expectations, then we can truly trust that if we are doing everything that we can, to the best of our natural, human abilities – everything is going to be alright.


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