Whether you are currently in recovery, have already completed your treatment program or simply have no family nearby, holidays can be difficult for many people. Margarita Tartakovsky, Associate Editor of Psych Central, states that loneliness lies on a spectrum, and the pain of feeling lonely can cause someone to turn to unhealthy habits or toxic people. Although it may feel easy to do this, take part in healthier activities that promote your well-being and prohibit you from making any unwise decisions. You are not the only one; many people feel alone during the holidays and there are ways to work through this feeling.

Holidays can be considered a time that is difficult for many people, often because the media portrays holidays as a social gathering that is meant for close family members and friends. This can lead someone to feel more lonely and isolated, as if everyone else has close connections and they do not. If a person has recently experienced death, divorce, misunderstanding, financial problems or geographical separation, this can also heighten a person’s sense of isolation. Health Central notes that asking yourself whether you are okay with being alone during the holidays or if you feel that you should be spending time with people on the holidays is a major distinction to make. Many people feel sad because they think they should be with family – but this time can also be very stressful as well.

Susan Anderson, psychotherapist and author of the book titled, The Journey from Abandonment to Healing, stated, “The sights and sounds of holidays hearken back to childhood when you were nestled in your family and create a painful contrast to your current loneliness.” The best way to combat this? Recreate newer memories. You are not living in the past, you are living in the present. Make the most of this time and decide that you will not feel bad. Volunteer, decorate, make a big feast, seek out a social event, and make the decision to limit your alcohol intake. Taking a walk and getting into nature may help you to feel more grounded and relaxed Take part in healthy activities that make you feel happy, creative, and even productive. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to the myth of holidays – not everyone is near family and not everyone has to be surrounded by family on the holidays to feel happy.

If you are feeling depressed and are having suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Hotline immediately at 1-800-273-8255. Your life’s worth living. People do care about you – some that you have not even met yet. The first step it takes is to reach out to people.

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