If you and your loved one have decided to seek out couple’s therapy, congratulations. This is a huge step, and requires that both of you are committed to understanding one another on a deeper level – communication is central to relationships, and hopefully both of you are ready to grow and learn, together. Gaining a fresh perspective on the relationship, identifying and modifying dysfunctional behavior and ways of communicating with one another, decreasing emotional avoidance, improving communication, promoting strengths and more are the many benefits of couples therapy.

While there are many benefits to couples therapy, there are also some challenges that you  

  1. Wanting the other person to change. Therapy is for both of you to learn and grow, and for both of you to change your perspectives and behavior surrounding the relationship so that you can both improve your teamwork. Recognize before going into therapy that you are not expecting your partner to change without you also learning to change and grow.
  2. Not acknowledging your role in your relationship problems. Nobody likes to admit they contribute to their problems, but it’s true. We all influence our interactions and we all have some responsibility to those actions. Before you begin therapy, allow yourself to admit your shortcomings and be open to learning new ways to go about things.
  3. Keeping secrets from your partner. If you’re keeping a secret from your partner, such as an addiction or affair, you are blocking pathways of success for your relationship to grow and flourish on. Be prepared to be open and honest with your significant other.
  4. Not following through with what needs to change to improve. If you’ve both learned in therapy of some things you both need to change and work on, it’s important that you gently hold each other accountable for these new improvements. If you’re not willing to do this, your relationship can’t thrive.
  5. Not trusting the process. Therapy often takes a few months up to a year or more, so recognize that it takes time. Expecting that you and your partner will be back in good graces after one or two sessions isn’t realistic. It will take some time for both of you to acquire these new tools and ways of communicating, so be patient and understand the process.

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