All of the New Vista Behavioral Health family facilities are located within a short or viewing distance of the Pacific Ocean. Spending time near the sea has great benefits for mind, body, and spirit when recovering from mental health and dual diagnosis substance use disorders.


The visual appeal of spending time within eye’s reach of a coastal area starts with the simple fact that it is the coast. A natural wonder and awe comes from a sweeping vista view of the ocean, or the deep horizon of blue you can see standing on the shore. Years of programming about the ocean and the beach also come into play. Seeing the ocean and a beach signifies splendor and relaxation, which immediately triggers the brain.

Some of the nuances of spending time near the sea are small and technical, like the fact that the ocean is blue. An entire neuroscience exists behind the color blue, which is why being able to take in the blue sky meeting the blue sea has such an effect on the brain. Seeing the color blue promotes the production of dopamine and serotonin. Every day that clients of a New Vista Behavioral Health affiliate treatment facility wake up and can know that the ocean is within sight’s reach starts their day on a relaxed and more grateful note.


Approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is water. The ocean holds about 96.5% of that amount. Human bodies and brains are primarily water, with the body at about 60-65% water. Touching the cool water of the ocean and diving through the waves connects the body and the brain to a natural, primordial state. Water is healing and the salt water of the ocean is especially healing. Feeling the sand between your toes is a novelty because of the sensory stimulation it provides. Wading through the water and feeling weightless heals pain. Walking on the beach is comparable to a reflexology massage and spinal adjustment.


Sound machines that use natural ambiance for relaxation always have settings having to do with the ocean. One might be the crashing of the waves. Another might include seagulls crooning and the subtle sounds of children playing. All of the sounds which naturally come from a scene at the beach are relaxing to the human spirit. At the edge of the earth, the sounds of nature overpower those that are constantly in the mind. For our clients who are recovering from mental health and/or substance use disorders, it is a welcome distraction.

Smell & Taste

Beach trips are often accommodated with a favorite food, drink, or beach snack. Smells and taste can include everything from picnic blanket potato chips to the salty smell and taste of the seawater itself, to the inevitable crunch of sand between the teeth.


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