Many people in recovery have difficulty finding fun places to go because most of them involve the option of drinking. Restaurants, clubs, bars, music venues and more can be tempting and can cause someone to want to relapse, which most people in recovery try to avoid. With alcohol being nearly pervasive in typical adult entertainment, options can seem limiting. Dr. Keith Humphreys, psychiatrist and addiction expert at Stanford, told the Huffington Post that those recovering can have a tough time socializing with others. “There are places where a huge portion of socializing occurs around drinking and/or party drugs – college campuses, factory towns, upscale urban areas – and that poses a challenge for people in recovery,” he stated.

An innovative approach to “Friday night fun” has become more popular recently for those who want to stay sober throughout the night with no concerns. “Sober bars” are places very similar to bars, but without the alcohol. They provide typical bar games like darts, pool, ping pong, and more. These bars allow people to order non-alcoholic drinks such as mocktails and other inspired drinks that allow for sober drinking. Besides games, some sober bars even offer the same entertainment that many other bars offer – drag shows, comedy shows, dancing, bands and more mean that everyone can have fun without worrying about being intoxicated.

The Guardian has noted that millennials are shifting more towards sobriety anyways, especially because they appreciate the art of conversation, value mindfulness, as well as nutrition. This shift is societal perspective places things like sober bars at a higher level of appropriateness for those looking to have fun with temptations. There are many other benefits besides lack of temptations, however. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about getting drinks spilled on you, having people inappropriately touch or converse with you over drunkenness and the knowledge that you could form meaningful friendships are just a few wonderful qualities to sober bars. Are these bars everywhere?

Since sober bars have only been around for a few short years, they are still growing around the country. Chicago, New York, and Pennsylvania are just a few places offering sober bars, but the number of states engaging in this trend is likely to grow from there.

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