You’ve been working hard in rehab – learning new coping techniques, speaking with your therapist, developing a strong social support group – and now it’s time to transition back home. You’re feeling a little excited but also a little nervous; how will everything play out? You begin questioning what your plan will be and then a subtle uneasiness comes about…will you be successful in this transition? Absolutely. You have taken the time you needed to recuperate, become healthier, and now you’re stronger than ever. The National Eating Disorders Association has listed several terrific tips to ensure your confidence and success during your transition:

  • Accountability. Plan your meals with supportive friends or family. Call your sponsor or support group friend each day to check in and get help when needed. Just because you are back at home does not mean that you are alone now.
  • Structure. Follow your scheduled plan even if you don’t feel like it. Set up a recovery schedule, and plan out what you will do if you experience a triggering situation.
  • Support. Create a list of several people that you can call and talk to if you need help. Make sure these are people that you can rely on and be vulnerable with.
  • Feelings. Allow yourself to truly feel. Bottling emotions is grounds for addictive behavior. Create a safety plan for when you are feeling angry, sad, lonely, etc.
  • Boundaries. Be assertive with what you can and cannot do. Do not allow yourself to be placed in compromising situations for the sake of politeness.
  • Spirituality. Do things that help you find spirit, hope, and connection.
  • Service. Volunteer somewhere you feel useful and connected. Helping others will give you even more purpose and fulfillment.
  • Creativity. Let go of perfection, and do something fun. Create a new art project or take an art class – the possibilities are endless.


Although transition from rehabilitation to home can seem daunting, many treatment centers such as Simple Recovery provide transition support. With this, you may be able to attend alumni meetings, alumni outings, job fairs, networking opportunities, and more.

New Vista Behavioral Health consists of several California locations that offer rehabilitation transition assistance. Our licensed, experienced health care professionals care about you and want you to succeed even after your program has ended. We believe in holistic recovery, meaning that we focus on helping you restore your mind, body, and spirit. Feel confident in knowing that you will have the support and tools that you need once you are discharged from rehabilitation. Call us today at 888-316-3665 for a consultation.

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