Sex addiction is not listed in the DSM-V as a diagnosable mental disorder. Research has argued against the validity of sex addiction as an actual addiction. Instead, research suggests that sex addiction should be treated more as compulsive behavioral disorder which compels people to act out sexually. For the millions of people who struggle with sex addiction, however, the label is of little importance. They are aware that when it comes to sexual stimulation and activity, there is something inside of their brain which turns on and cannot be turned off.

  • If you’re a woman who might be struggling with sex addiction, you could have a pregnancy scare, or become pregnant. With many sexual partners at the same time, without use of protection or birth control, you may find yourself not knowing who the father might be.
  • Both men and women can contract an STD from frequent reckless, impulsive, unprotected sexual activities.
  • Contracting multiple STD’s is a sign that personal health and the health of others is no longer a concern, compared to the need to engage in sexual behaviors.
  • Engaging with a numerous amount of sexual partners to the point of not being able to keep track of names, dates, meeting points, phone numbers, and other information
  • Spending high amounts of money on credit cards to pay for escorts, massages, prostitutes, pornorgraphy, and other seuxal paraphanelia.
  • Having difficulty sleeping due to the obsessive thoughts you are having regarding sex, sexual activity, and other sexual behaviors.
  • Experiencing physical symptoms of withdrawal like sweating, shaking, chest pains, headaches, and other signs of anxiety.
  • Losing relationships, jobs, possessions, and other important parts of life because of your inability to stop engaging in sexual activity.
  • Feeling out of control of sexual behavior and not wanting to participate in sexual behavior anylonger, but not feeling as though you are able to stop.

Sex addiction is not synonymous with chronic infidelity or even the experience of hypersexuality that can come with other mental health disorders like borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder. Often, sex addiction is co-occurring with substance use disorders.


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