Simple Recovery is a primary treatment program designed to meet the addiction-related and dual-diagnosis needs of chemically dependent adults age 18 and over and their families. We offer a comprehensive program focused on fostering relationships and positive change in the mental, emotional, physical, interpersonal and spiritual lives of our clients. Each level of our programming is created to provide support, education, information and guidance through the recovery process.

About Simple Recovery

When you choose Simple Recovery for your addiction treatment, you are choosing an environment of healing and security where you can build your foundation for optimal health and sobriety. Upon admission, you will be welcomed into our community of compassionate clinicians and peers that will be with you every step of the way. Within our residential homes, outpatient treatment centers and sober living environments, we offer spacious grounds, comfortable living areas and fully equipped facilities to meet all of your needs.

Programs Offered

Simple Recovery offers a variety of treatment programs to better serve each individual and to produce a full continuum of care that supports them throughout their recovery process:

  • Licensed Detoxification to eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body while managing withdrawal symptoms and preparing one physically and mentally for the recovery process
  • Residential Treatment that is gender-specific for men and women and includes treatment for addiction as well as medical and psychiatric support
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP) for clients that are not suited to residential treatment or have completed residential treatment and need a transition phase before entering an outpatient program
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) offering both day and evening sessions to match the needs of our clients that are seeking treatment while continuing to go to work or school
  • Outpatient Treatment for those who do not need or cannot commit to a residential program or have completed their residential treatment and are looking for continuing care in their recovery process
  • Educational and Vocational Programming and support for individuals ready to move to this stage of their recovery and reintegrate back into their lives outside of treatment
  • Transitional living and support to give our clients a protective layer of support as they move back to work, school and relationships
  • Alumni Connection and Continuing Care to engage clients in furthering sober living skills and building fellowship within their recovery community

Simple Recovery Curriculum

Simple Recovery offers an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)-based curriculum within a multidisciplinary approach. Each phase of clinical development simultaneously focuses on lifestyle adjustments, by implementing accountability and structure that is necessary for clients’ foundation throughout treatment and into a life of recovery:

Foundation Phase

The first step of the recovery process involves a discovery of the relational and psychological issues that often led to the addiction. Treatment planning and recovery goals are combined with life-skills development to help our clients build self-efficacy and accountability within day-to-day tasks.

Creation Phase

This stage allows clients to put the tools they have learned into action with therapeutic reintegration into an environment outside the confines of treatment. In this phase, men and women follow a curriculum, designed to build work ethic and academic planning. Clients enroll in one or two courses, work or volunteer part-time, and engage with a clinical program that builds on their foundation phase.

Opportunity Phase

During this phase, individuals are moving further away from the clinically-structured environment while remaining actively involved in the recovery community. It is in the opportunity phase where clients will construct their discharge plan to transition from treatment back into the realities of home, work and living sober.

Substance addiction is a disease that can devastate and even destroy the lives of you and your loved ones without help. You may see a drug and alcohol problem; we see the strong, capable person you or your loved one will become with the help and guidance of our esteemed team of professionals. By seeking treatment, you can transition to a life that is no longer defined by emotional, physical and relational pain. To learn more about Simple Recovery or the other centers included in our network, contact New Vista Behavioral Health at 888-316-3665.

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