Although drinking is a popular pastime for people during New Year’s, there’s many damaging effects that alcohol can have on the body. Many who drink during the New Year’s overindulge and suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, confusion, sexual dysfunction, and much more. In addition to the physiological side effects, excessive drinking can cause fights, driving accidents, and even death.

Consider the following ways to celebrate the New Year’s as a safer, healthier alternative:

Throw a sober party.

Decide on a theme, get decorations, and create some delicious mocktail drinks – there can still be fun without the added mess and hassle that alcohol can bring. No need to worry about unwise decisions being made, as the main source of fun and entertainment could be from music and/or games.

Get involved in fun activities.

Hiking, swimming, hosting a barbeque, and playing outdoor games are a few great ways to entertain yourself and guests without focusing on alcohol.

Offer alternative drinks at your NYE gathering.

Mocktails, juices, sodas, sparkling water, exotic coffees and teas, and bottled water will give people something else to focus on other than drinking alcohol. Keep the party entertained by introducing board games and music for people to listen to.

Include the kids in your NYE plans.

Many people must find babysitters during New Year’s because they plan on drinking – bringing the kids with you to a kid-friendly party or hosting a party that’s kid-friendly will not only save everyone on babysitting costs, but will also encourage a night of fun without drinking.

Attend a festival, show, or go to a restaurant to celebrate.

Instead of going to bars, make the decision to go out with a large group of people to a nice restaurant show where everyone can talk or be entertained without having to drink. This will promote more conversation and will be a memorable night.

New Year’s doesn’t have to involve alcohol. While the common myth is that alcohol is needed to relax and have fun, the truth is that alcohol causes people to disconnect and become unaware – both of themselves and of others. Make the decision to make this New Year’s a memorable one.

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