Smartphone addiction is a real thing – the Pew Research Center estimates that roughly 77% of Americans own a smartphone, with those aged 50 and older obtaining smartphones at a faster rate than before. We are using our phones for virtually everything; Psychology Today claims that technology has consumed our conversations, our daily tasks such as checking our bank account statements or sending pictures of our children to family members, and even into our sex lives. Smartphone addiction symptoms include needing to use the phone more and more to achieve the same desired effect, persistently failing to use the phone less after several attempts, becoming preoccupied with phone use, turning to phone when experiencing unwanted feelings of depression or anxiety, and more.

Klemens Schillinger, a product and furniture designer based in Vienna, Austria, has developed a few handy tools to help combat phone addiction. One such invention is called the “Substitute Phone”, an object shaped like a smartphone but with only stone beads with are incorporated into the body to let the user scroll, zoom, and swipe without there being real digital functions. For those looking to use their smartphone less, this product is reduced to nothing but the motions that are typically used so that people can become less engaged with the phone itself. Used as a therapeutic approach to withdrawal from the smartphone, this product is made to provide “calming limitation” for reduced use. Fortune claims that the designer was inspired by a documentary about a person working to overcome his nicotine addiction by putting a stick in his mouth, meant to be a replacement for his pipe.

Another invention of Schillinger’s is the “Offline Lamp”, a lamp which doesn’t turn on unless a phone is placed in its drawer. The lamp appears typical, but strives to provide a unique approach to limited cell phone use. A small black drawer underneath the lamp acts like a “magical chest”; once the smart phone is placed inside and the drawer is closed, the lamp turns on. The lamp is said to promote less phone interaction and more reading.

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