Livestrong, a health and physical fitness website, claims that 62% of Americans are overweight or obese, with many children and adolescents experiencing similar problems. Fast food and low physical activity contribute to these problems, and many people are seeking a quick, pain-free way to maintain a healthy weight and appealing body shape. With so many popular dieting methods that claim to provide “provide results”, it can be hard to tell which one to follow. Celebrity endorsements make us question if they are truly successful in their dieting method or just an advertisement for a company, and friends who claim their dieting methods are working may not be giving us the appropriate information or may not be doing it correctly themselves. No matter the method, dieting can be just as dangerous as it is satisfying.  

Keri Glassman, writer for Today, listed last month several myths to dieting that many people fall into:

  1. Believing that diets are short-term. The term “diet” isn’t the best term to use – eating healthy is more of a lifestyle, and people who follow “quick diets” typically still experience weight issues.
  2. Starving oneself to lose weight. Not eating slows down metabolism and could increase the risk of overeating unhealthy foods.
  3. Eating as much fruit as one wants. While fruit is a healthier alternative to other sugary foods, it still contains natural sugar and should be eaten in appropriate servings.
  4. Believing that calories are all the same. Calories are not the same, and counting calories is not productive. Hormones, emotions, cravings, and many other factors impact the number of calories we consume and how our body processes it.
  5. Believing that low-fat foods are always the better option. Some products that advertise “reduced fat” often mean “increased sugar”. When fat is taken out, the flavor is reduced – and companies must make up for this somehow.
  6. Eating a gluten-free diet because it’s “the key to dropping weight”. While many people lose weight from eating gluten-free foods, it’s not necessary to achieve a healthy diet.
  7. The number on the scale is what’s most important. Focusing on the scale doesn’t mean a lot, because the number increasing could mean more muscle gained. Use a pair of jeans determine your progress.

Dieting isn’t always the best option because it implies that a person is going to eat less or a certain type of food for a brief period and then resume previous eating habits. Choose to live a healthy lifestyle, not a quick diet. Make active decisions each day to sleep, eat, and exercise better – results will last much longer and your happiness will increase because of it.

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