Whether or not you should go to treatment depends on a few factors. First, ask yourself this two-part question: “Have you tried to get clean and sober on your own, and were you successful?” If you’ve attempted to get off the drugs or alcohol, but you couldn’t get through the withdrawal, or, maybe you stopped but suddenly find yourself drinking or using all over again, your best option may be treatment.

Another important factor in deciding upon treatment depends on your addiction. Is it alcohol or benzodiazepines? If so, do not attempt to go cold turkey and quit on your own, your life may depend on it. Other drugs can also have severe withdrawal which makes getting clean on your own incredibly difficult. Treatment offers a safe, comfortable environment that tapers the drugs and alcohol out of your system. As addicts and alcoholics, our bodies are accustomed to chemicals. If you suddenly cease drinking or using, your body goes into a type of shock that at times, can be deadly.

Treatment centers are a place of healing. Sometimes, we need to be removed from our environment in order to set ourselves up for success. It’s hard enough to kick the drugs and alcohol, but if you’re trying to get clean and sober in your old stomping grounds, and around your old friends, it’s just a matter of time before addiction sneaks back into your life. In treatment, you will learn how to cope with problems that used to baffle you, and you will be given the tools to protect yourself from sketchy situations and relapse. You will learn about the disease of addiction, and you will be better prepared to face the world head-on.

This is not to say that it’s impossible to get clean and sober without treatment, because some people have done it and are successful. However, there are many of us where doing it on our own was impossible. If you are a real alcoholic or drug addict who cannot get or stay clean and sober, treatment is your best bet. When you’ve passed the point of having any sort of manageability in your life and addiction, you’re miserable, and you know you just can’t do this another day, you’ve reached the point of desperation. It is this desperation that drives us into treatment, and where real change begins. Recovery is possible, and treatment will help you get there.

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