Many people who have a personality disorder may receive comments from friends or family regarding their behavior, but may not consider seeking treatment. Personality disorders can greatly affect all aspects of daily living; seeking treatment from a licensed healthcare professional could mean more knowledge of understanding yourself as well as how to manage the symptoms of your disorder.

According to WebMD, histrionic personality disorder is characterized as a “Cluster B” or “dramatic” disorder. People with this disorder often have intense, unstable emotions and distorted self-images. Their self-esteem is at the mercy of others’ approval, not their own feelings of worthiness. This disorder causes people to behave dramatically, as they have an extreme desire to be noticed. Linguistically, the word “histrionic” means “dramatic” or “theatrical”. Healthline has noted several symptoms that you may experience if you have this disorder. Do you….

  • Feel uncomfortable if you are not the center of attention?
  • Interact with others in a provocative or sexually seductive way?
  • Display rapid shifts of emotions or a shallow expression of emotions?
  • Consistently use physical attention to draw attention to yourself?
  • Have a style of speech that is extremely impressionistic but lacking in detail?
  • Show exaggerated emotion through self-dramatization or theatricality?
  • Become easily influenced by others?
  • Consider some of your relationships to be more intimate than they really are?
  • Get frustrated or bored with routines?
  • Make irrational decisions often?
  • Threaten to take drastic action, such as hurting yourself, to get attention from others?

If you experience several of these symptoms, you may wish to see a doctor to receive diagnosis. Although the symptoms may feel unmanageable, histrionic personality disorder is treatable. Psych Central notes that treatment often includes psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy allows a person to work one-on-one with a therapist to better understand their disorder and how they can manage their symptoms. Medication may help therapy by giving the person a sense of clarity while they work through their issues. If you believe you may have histrionic personality disorder, official diagnosis from a licensed doctor is the first step.  

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