When you first begin therapy, you may feel nervous about what to expect. You may be afraid to ask, so you sit quietly and answer the questions your therapist asks of you. You may provide some information, but feel awkward at first because you don’t know this person. It may seem strange to speak to someone you don’t know about your issues – but it’s important to remember that a therapist is there for you – they are someone that you should be able to rely on and trust.


  • Forget about the time. While therapy sessions only last 50 minutes each, arrive 10 minutes early to gather yourself and then don’t worry about the time once you arrive. Your therapist will handle the ending time – just focus on your session.
  • Make your sessions a part of your life. Whatever you talk about implementing in your session, work on incorporating those elements into your life.
  • Journal. Documenting your emotions and experiences outside of therapy may provide both you and your therapist some insight into patterns.
  • Make your relationship with your therapist a priority. The professional relationship you have with your therapist is an important one. Any feelings of anger or hostility towards them should be addressed, because it will impact your sessions.
  • Check in on progress. Throughout your time in therapy, check in to see how you’re feeling about the progress you’ve made, as well as how your client-therapist relationship is going.
  • Ask questions. This is the time for you to ask or tell your therapist anything you want – doing so could help you discover new insight and could also help your client-therapist professional relationship thrive.


Being yourself is key to a successful therapy session. Don’t be afraid to safely show various aspects of your personality – this can give your therapist a better sense of who you are. If you’re really feeling anxious, express your fears to your therapist and have a conversation with them about their expectations. They will likely do this at the beginning of your first session anyways, to establish rapport and common ground with you.

Making the decision to attend therapist is a great first step, and once you have completed your first session you will feel better in knowing which direction you are heading.






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