For parents, knowing what is going on with your child or teenager can be challenging. They don’t always tell us what’s going on – sometimes we think we know, and other times we feel completely lost. Maintaining open communication is a wonderful way to show your child they can trust you – but sometimes our children hide things from us. When it comes to addiction, recognizing the signs early can prevent them from placing themselves or others in danger, and may even save a life. There are several signs that may indicate your child or teenager has a drug or substance problem:

  • Sudden behavior changes, such as acting more withdrawn than before, frequently tired or acting depressed/hostile
  • Changes in peer group
  • Becoming careless with appearance and cleanliness
  • Decline in academic performance
  • Missing class or skipping school
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Trouble in school or with the law
  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Deteriorating relationships with family members and friends
  • Forgetfulness or loss of memory
  • Sudden solicitation for money or finding some of your money is missing
  • Paranoia

While these are just a few characteristics of addictive behavior, they should not be taken lightly. Recognizing these symptoms could mean saving your child’s life – and preventing them from going down a long road of suffering.

If you are concerned about one of your children who is an adult, approaching them one-on-one may be a non-threatening way to speak with them about your concerns. For teenagers, a treatment center may be the best way to help your teen overcome addiction. Taking your teenager to a doctor for assessment could be a wonderful way to determine your teen’s health and options for recovery.

If you have a conversation with your teen about their drug or substance use, explain that their behavior will not be tolerated. Supervise them and make it known when they are doing well. Consider taking your child to a therapist – therapy often provides an outlet where teens can work through their issues without leaning on addiction to fill the void. By taking steps towards your child’s treatment and recovery, you are ensuring the safety of your child and promoting their health and wellbeing. Although the road to recovery for teens is long, it will be a meaningful one that could save their life.






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