In author Clarence T. River’s book titled, “Histrionic personality disorder: Enter the mind of a person living with HPD! The ultimate information book” insight is given into those who suffer from histrionic personality disorder and their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The goal of the book is to inform people – to educate and provide deep consideration on this disorder. Personality disorders can greatly affect all aspects of someone’s life, and can also impact family members and friends. Many people suffer from a personality disorder, but go undiagnosed due to stigmas or fear of learning something about themselves that may be upsetting.

By learning more about these personality disorders and their differences, we can help ourselves and others to recognize symptoms that may be interfering with daily life. From there, we can use the tools and resources available to us to become happier and healthier.

According to Dr. Steve Bressert from Psych Central , histrionic personality disorder is described as long-term attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. A person who suffers from this disorder wants to be the center of attention at all times and they feel uncomfortable if they are not. People who have this disorder are often perceived as being shallow, provocative, or manipulative. Narcissistic personality disorder, on the other hand, is characterized by a person becoming obsessed with achievements, their potential, false sense of prestige or actual prestige, vanity and pride. Health Research Funding describes the main difference between these two as this: a person with histrionic personality disorder is always trying to seek attention from others, while a person with narcissistic personality disorder doesn’t try to seek approval because they believe they already have everyone’s attention.

The key difference between both disorders is the perception of self and others – with histrionic personality disorder, a person feels desperate for attention and is dramatic, gullible, and has little sense of accountability for oneself. A person who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder believes he or she is superior to others, either because of their accomplishments or their own way of thinking.

If you believe that you suffer from a personality disorder but have not yet been diagnosed, seek out a doctor and therapist today. The best step you can take is one that will help you understand yourself more – there are many people out there who have tools to help you work through your symptoms. Take the courageous step today to speak with a healthcare professional and begin your journey towards better living.







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