Relaxation is an important part of recovery. Learning to relax helps restore the body, mind, and spirit for the ongoing demands of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction or a co-occurring mental health disorder.

Deep, intentional breathing

Meditation does not have to be formal in a quiet place, sitting cross-legged. Deep, intentional breathing can be enough to gain the benefits of meditation. Studies have shown just five to ten minutes of deep and intentional breathing creates all the same benefits of deep meditation. Bringing oxygen to the brain and focusing on the breath deepens relaxation of the mind and the body.

Quick yoga

Like meditation, yoga doesn’t have to be formal. You need need not go to a yoga studio and perform an entire hour of yoga in order to relax. Yoga is a lifestyle, a way of life. Many devoted practitioners of yoga consider yoga to be life. Relaxation is achieved when the mind and the body are in sync. Stretching of the limbs reduces the anxious stagnant energy that can cause the body not to feel relaxed.

Chat over a cup of tea

Herbal teas can be deeply relaxing. Chamomile, for example, is widely used as a pre-bedtime tea. Having a chat over a cup of tea can relax the mind and the body. Herbal tea relaxes the mind and the body while a chat helps soothe the soul.

Use holistic practices

Holistic practices are relaxing in nature. Practicing relaxation techniques which touch mind, body, and spirit, are relaxing because the entirety of a person is being relaxed and healed. Going for a massage, and acupuncture session and other eastern practices of preventive medicine helps with relaxation.

Take a nap

Taking a nap can be a form of escape in both good and bad ways. Escaping from the stress of life to regenerate energy and reboot the system is helpful for relaxing and coping with life ongoing. Using naps to avoid the feeling of stress entirely is problematic because it becomes a way of avoiding rather than coping.

Listen to a guided meditation

Guided meditation takes some of the pressure off of meditating. A calm and directed voice can make it easier to meditate and relax. Instead of relying an internal voice, an external voice can have a greater effect.


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