For many people fun is synonymous with drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby shower, dancing with friends, or a party they almost always include drinking and/or drugs. What happens when the drugs and alcohol are gone? Does that mean we’ll never have fun again? Fear not, as we are not a glum lot.

All it takes is one visit to your local playground to see plenty of joy available without drugs or alcohol. Watching a child belly laugh as they go down the slide or swing on swings reminds us that fun comes in many shapes and forms. We were so good at it when we were 7. How do we find our way back to that joy and laughter as adults?

The first step is to think back to what you used to think was fun before drugs and alcohol were a part of your life. Was it playing football, roller skating, doing a friend’s hair, or drawing? Make a list of as many things as you can think of that once brought you joy, even if they seem lame now. Did you spend your summers playing Marco Polo in the pool, boogie boarding, or riding bikes with friends? Let yourself go back and write down all the things you think of.

Next, what fun things have you always thought about doing, but never have? Do you have a desire to skydive? Does horseback riding speak to you? Do you want to ride the newest roller coaster? Let yourself get creative. Just because you write it down, doesn’t mean you are committed to doing it. It’s simply a creative progress generating ideas.

If you are struggling to think of anything that could be fun without drugs or alcohol, check out Groupon or LivingSocial to get some ideas. Bring a sober buddy to join you for a painting class. Try that hot air balloon ride. Buy a session to a trampoline park. As you look through the deals notice if a smile appears on your face as you think about trying one of the events out.

Having fun without drugs and alcohol is very intuitive. We all knew how to do it as kids. Now it’s simply remembering and retraining ourselves. Maybe you’ve never danced sober. Try it. You might be amazed and delighted to find joy beyond your wildest dreams.


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