The 2017 Happiest States in America report evaluated states based on emotional and physical well-being, work environment, and community and environment, and found the following as the top 10 happiest states (in order): Minnesota, Utah, Hawaii, California, Nebraska, New Jersey, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. Does this surprise you? As it turns out, where you live does have an impact on your happiness level.

CNN noted that our personality can be impacted by our location; a recent report published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that people from Northeastern and Southeastern parts of the United States tend to be more neurotic than Westerners, for example. However, where you live influences your personality because the culture, social cues, and values are shared and likely adopted by you throughout the years. How does personality tie into happiness, and should I move if my state isn’t near the top of the list?

Personality ties into happiness because some of the attributes you have acquired over the years, such as anxiety and depression, could be an environmental factor that you learned and is contributing to your unhappiness. If you’re in an area that doesn’t follow the cultural values that you have, it can be challenging for you to feel a sense of belonging and “togetherness” with those around you. If your state isn’t on the top 10 list, this doesn’t mean that you should move, but rather an opportunity for you to get some reflection on whether your location is contributing to your happiness or detracting from it. It is widely known that different areas of the United States hold different viewpoints on topics such as religion, sexuality, politics, and more – do their views reflect yours? Are you surrounded by people who support the way you view the world? If not, it may be time for a change.

A mix of individual and environment variables can influence the way we feel, what we do, and what we think about our lives. Take a deep look at your life and decide what you need to do if you’re unhappy. Whether it’s a move, a change of job, a change in your social circle or a personal change that is needed to maintain your happiness and well-being, make the decision to do what is needed.





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