One of the most tough decisions to make is the decision to seek treatment. There are so many factors to consider, including what type of treatment center would best fit your needs, whether you will need insurance or must pay out-of-pocket, how you will manage work and home responsibilities, and more. These are doable, but they take time. One other concern that many people have is the potential of their success in recovery. Anyone entering recovery typically wants to be better off than where they are now. Success is possible, but it’s a daily effort and there are several barriers that could prevent your success if you let it.

Researchers from Dayton, Ohio identified a few well-defined constructs that can impede one’s success in recovery:

  • Absence of problem – Individuals who believe that treatment is not necessary or are in denial of their addiction place themselves at a lower chance of success in recovery. One of the first steps towards recovery is understanding the need for treatment and making the decision to move forward.
  • Negative social support – Not having enough people positively reinforce treatment can hold a person back from success. In treatment centers, building a support team could mean a residential leader as well as peers from recovery support groups.
  • Privacy concerns – Confidentiality, fear of sharing personal information with others, talking about one’s personal life in general can inhibit someone from making the most of their time in rehab. However, being vulnerable in front of others can open many doors to understanding and realization, both of which are critical for growth in recovery.
  • Fear of withdrawal – Many people fear what it will be like in rehab, and are afraid of the symptoms they may experience while withdrawing. Thankfully, inpatient treatment centers offer 24/7 support and medical services may be provided as well.  
  • Too much confidence – “I’ve got this”. It’s great to have hope for the future, but falsely placing too many expectations can cause a person to fall under pressure. Recognize the time and dedication it takes, and be willing to go through recovery step by step.

Finding a balance in rehab is important so that you don’t jeopardize your success. You can do this. You will keep trying. Each day is a new day, and mistakes are okay. Remember this and you will be well on your way.



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