Depending on who you ask, millennials typically represent those born after 1980 and before 2000. They follow Generation X and consist of about 81 million people; this generation will replace the Baby Boomers after they retire. As each generation typically comes with their own host of values, the millennials generation is no different. According to The Odyssey Online, millennials have the positive qualities of being adventurous, ambitious, confident, conscious, collaborative, educated, idealistic, independent, motivated, and more. On the negative side, as Buzzfeed states, millennials have been given the following titles: rude, entitled, lazy, selfish, and more. Are millennials more prone to narcissism than other generations?

Everyone has traits of narcissism. In fact, it’s what propels us to do well in job interviews and reach deadlines quickly, it’s what helps us take diligent care of our hygiene and health, and it helps us ace a dinner date. The label “narcissistic” often is used wrongly – narcissism lies on a spectrum and only severe tendencies of narcissism fall under narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). For example, many place millennials under the label of narcissistic because of their use of technology – this behavior doesn’t fall under NPD unless individuals are constantly lying, insulting, and being harsh to get one’s way.

Healthy narcissism is what fuels our success in life. When we look at the spectrum that is NPD, it’s unlikely that an entire generation can be labeled as this. Even if labeled as simply narcissistic, that’s not entirely a terrible thing. Live Science noted that socioeconomic changes over the years have led to an increase in individualism, and income inequality has caused many to shift towards higher self-regard.

It is true that technology has influenced this shift, as people can easily keep up with others and can follow others’ progress easier than people in the past could. Technology has added convenience and information, but has also encouraged many to become more focused on personal appearance and success. The question remains – are millennials more narcissistic than other generations before? Possibly – but these tendencies aren’t severe enough to warrant the negative stigma on this generation, and older generations are picking up on technology and this shift in perspective as well.

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