Spring cleaning is a date you make with yourself which cannot be broken. You are committing a time to be with yourself, your energy, and all of your belongings. Spring cleaning is a ritual for spiritual discipline in which you practice releasing the old and making room to bring in the new. Organized, clean space, that has a fresh awareness and connection will make your recovery that much more enjoyable. When you feel good at home, you feel good outside of the home as well. Recovery is about learning to be well and feel good, no matter where you are, no matter the circumstances.


  • Support Your Spring Cleaning With Healthy Snacks: Spring cleaning is hard work! Rather than indulge in favorite treats, stick with the theme of cleansing and keep your body clean. Commit the day of your cleaning out your life to be ng a day for eating healthy and drinking water. Your body will fall into sync with the activities of the brain more quickly, learning how to recognize where you can let go, what you want to hold onto, and how you feel in the process.
  • Clean Your Space: Spring cleaning wouldn’t be spring cleaning without a little bit of actual cleaning. Start with one area of your room and work with one item at a time. If you are decluttering and minimizing, go drawer by drawer, area by area. If you are cleaning, or doing both, keep it simple by taking it one surface at a time. Cleaning is a practice in waiting, mindfulness, and patience. It is also a practice in learning to take care of the self.
  • Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items: As you go through your belongings, you can decide what no longer serves you anymore- the items of your life which you no longer need. You’ll notice a developing pattern as you are able to acknowledge an item, recognize the importance it had in your life, then let it go. This is a process you can mirror in your therapy and development through treatment. You can acknowledge everything about your life up to this point in time, good or bad. What you do not need to hold onto, in terms of beliefs and opinions, you are able to let go of completely. What you do need to hold onto, you also acknowledge with gratitude, dust it off, and put it back on the shelf.


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