Since 2007, the American Psychological Association (APA) has conducted an annual nationwide survey as part of its Mind/Body Health Campaign to understand the state of stress across the country and its impact. Indeed, stress has a major impact – Healthline notes that stress can cause us to get headaches, increased depression, insomnia, rapid breathing, weakened immune system, high blood sugar, risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, pounding heart, stomachache, fertility problems, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, missed periods, and tense muscles.

When we let stressors deep into our mind, body, and spirit, there’s no doubt that it can wreak havoc on our entire being. According to the 2017 Stress Survey, here is what we are most stressed about:

  1. The future of our nation
  2. Money
  3. Work
  4. Current political climate
  5. Violence and crime

Many of us feel extremely concerned about healthcare and the economy; with other concerns ranging from hate crimes to our trust in the government. Sadly, more than half (59%) of Americans describe this current time as “the lowest point in our nation’s history.” This perception has been widespread – all the way from millennials to older adults. What should we do about this? First, we should understand that there are two sides to stress: good (eustress) and bad (stress). Eustress propels us to work a little harder or prepare a little more. Bad stress causes us the negative symptoms described above. There are several things that we need to do now:

  • We need to recognize when our stress regarding the issues from above are taking a negative toll on our mind, body, and spirit. Is it making you feel physically ill or giving you migraines, tense muscles, etc.? It’s bad stress.
  • We need to change our perspective. Forbes Magazine states that stress comes from the way we think and react to outside stimulus. If we change our mind, we change our stress.
  • We need to take part in more stress management. The American Heart Association states that talking with people, physical activity, embracing the things we can change, laughing, reducing unhealthy habits, and getting enough sleep are just a few stress reduction techniques.  
  • We need to be kinder towards ourselves. Forgiving ourselves, giving ourselves recognition, respecting ourselves, soothing ourselves, and believing in ourselves are just a few ways to be kinder each day.
  • We need to provide more support to others. Stress can be contagious – if we provide more support and help others feel more loved and cared for, this feeling will spread.

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